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Reliable Bookkeeping Firm in Abbotsford

Everyone out there is not capable of handling their own finances and this is especially common when it comes to businesses. For this reason, hiring a bookkeeper like ​ is a smart move. If you are in Abbotsford and you are looking for the best firm around, here are a handful of tips that will lead you in the right direction. Constant Contact Is A Plus If you are working with a bookkeeper and you feel relaxed because they do not bother you much, this is not a good thing. The best firms hire people who have great attention to detail. For this reason, they go through everything with a fine-toothed comb and they stay in contact with you every step of the way. You should be wary of any company that is not like this since it means they may be missing things along the way. Talk To Your Accountant Many people think of accounting and bookkeeping as two entirely different industries and this is not necessarily the case. There are many accounting firms that offer both services, so ask before making an assumption. In addition, if you hire an accountant that does not offer bookkeeping, it is still[…]

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Google Analytics – How Does Your Site Measure Up?

Like many website owners, I was not a big fan, nor did I understand the analytics when I first started my online journey. However, I have discovered that Google analytics is a very powerful tool that can really help with your online success. As over 80% of online searches are done using Google then it stands to reason that the best place to get the metrics for your website from is going to be Google. You will find a number of other tools which if you add some code to your website they will be able to measure some data for you, but Google can measure a lot more, plus they can measure the whole journey that the user took to get to your site, which the other tools can not. Features of Google Analytics The first feature of Google analytics you see is the Dashboard. This shows you the overall performance of your website. There are three important pieces of information that I use to instantly see how my site is performing, the number of Unique Visitors, and Avg. Visit Duration and the Bounce Rate. The first number tells you how many first-time visitors are coming to your site,[…]

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Leadership And Management Training

Good leadership & management training will equip your managers for today and for the future. Today’s business managers need to be equipped with the leadership skills that are fit for purpose in today’s fast changing world. Our leadership and management training programmes are endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). At Birch we offer four leadership programmes: Engaging Leaders Programme – this is our generic leadership and management training programme that can be adapted to any business sector (more) Customer Service Leadership Programme – this is our leadership and management training programme that is specific to the service-led business sectors (more). Leadership in Logistics Programme – this is our leadership and management training programme that is specific to the logistics and distribution sector (more). Leadership in Manufacturing Programme – this is our leadership and management training programme that is specific to the manufacturing sector (more). Each of our leadership and management training programmes will be based on core modules yet designed specifically for your business needs. This ensures that your managers receive the leadership and management training they need to inspire and enthuse your teams. In addition to our leadership training programmes we also deliver: Leadership masterclasses Leadership[…]

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Creating Your Employee Engagement Strategy

Having an employee engagement strategy will increase your profitability and help secure the long-term success of your business. Employee engagement requires a two-way relationship between employer and employee. Engaging employers provide the conditions for employees to give their best. Engaged employees work with colleagues to improve performance for the benefit of their organisation and customers. Engagement requires a clear alignment between personal and organisational objectives and values. This results in consistent levels of proactive and discretionary effort. We will help you to: Create a strategy that is properly balanced to motivate your team to meet your business goals and objectives. Improve the leadership skills within your business so your teams feel inspired and enthused. Increase business growth by delivering Wow! moments to your customers to your customers so they come back for more and tell others to do the same. Our approach is practical yet based on the latest research from trusted sources. We pride ourselves on our ability to demonstrate tangible results in everything we do. What is employee engagement? High employee engagement delivers greater discretionary effort where people go the extra mile. Engaged employees feel motivated, valued and show a passion for their work, their company and their[…]

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Recruitment Process

How To Improve Your Interview Skills To Get That Job

When it comes to getting a getting hired for that job that you want then, it does not matter if your job is in a million dollar national company or you are going to be working for a little, local business, the basic rules still apply. Whether you get the job or not is fully determined by how confident and well prepared you come across to the interviewer. Pre Interview Preparation Obviously before you can get any interviews you need to contact some companies who are offering jobs in the role that you want to go into. Your CV should be direct and to the point and always highlight the skills you have that are requested on the job outline.  Don’t expect to send your CV off to 20 companies and get 20 interviews, it might happen but it won’t always. Some companies will reply and letting you know they are not hiring right now, but others won’t even reply, so don’t get disheartened by this. When you do get a successful reply it will either state in the letter the time and date of your interview or it will ask you to contact the company to book a time[…]

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4 Steps For Right and Effective Recruitment

This article is my effort to share my experience with the fellow recruiters. After spending around 6 years in Staffing and Recruiting for IT, Software and BPO companies; I learned that attrition rate in all the companies are increasing day by day. The managements of many companies are not being able to retain their permanent employees and it results in decrease of the overall performance of the organisation. After thinking on this issue, I came to one conclusion: The attrition or turnover of the employees start from the very first step and that is Recruitment. If the recruitment is not right, there are more chances for an employee to leave the organisation in a very short time. One should take a lot much care while recruiting a permanent employee and should not only emphasise on technical skills. Even if one has to compromise little with the technical skills of a candidate to make sure he stays with the company for a long time, he should do that. There are n number of factors which can give the hint whether the person will stay long with the company or he will run away soon!! Based on my experience, below I am[…]

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How to Measure Recruitment Efficiency

The HR department has the task to recruit new employees. For some, this is a very easy thing to do. However, such job is not as easy as it seems since there are guidelines and rules that should be followed in order for the hiring to be a success. There is a need to measure recruitment effectiveness so that an organisation will be able to track and become aware of how the HR department is performing. If they have chosen the right people for the job, the human resources department will be able to help an organisation achieve its goals due to the fact that they have hired employees who are really efficient and industrious. So how do you measure recruitment? Of course, you would like to know all about the recruitment efficiency and this can be done by simply measuring the said process. If this is your goal, the best solution is to define the right metrics so that you will be able to assess the changes that have been made in your company. The HR department should always seek for new ways on how they can climb up the corporate ladder and as we can see now, the[…]

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The Recruitment and Selection Process

Recruitment and selection is one of the most basic processes in the Human Recourse function choosing the right candidate and converting them to fill the position of an employee from the status of a candidate is an art in itself. All the HR personnel all over the word have to undergo this function within their job profile and functions. This function may be made easy provided all the steps are followed as per process and also with a combination of some common sense. Let’s gain clarity on the process by a step-by-step study. Finding Resume. Resume could be searched and found through different methods. The methods could be: 1. Job Portals:-  Monster, Times Job s etc. 2. Recruitment Consultant:- Independent recruitment consultant who works on nominal fee. 3. Word of Month:- It could be referrals, friends, colleagues, etc. 4. Newspapers Advertisements:- Advertisement in newspapers which comes under the classified column. The above are just the preliminary facts about recruitment. It is a vast and wide process that has immense scope to change the value and culture of the organisation. Employees collectively create a work environment that may be good, bad or manageable depending upon individual perceptions. Once you have some[…]

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Accounting Outsourcing

What Accounting Outsourcing Companies Can Do for Your Small Business Every business has accounting needs. This can be described as the recording of financial transactions as they happen during business hours. Accountants make sure that records of those transactions are the latest, accurate and detailed. In their work, accuracy is the principal thing. Because of the complexity of this work, many owners of small businesses prefer to buy bookkeeping services. These are increasingly on sale on the internet. When choosing your accountancy services, you must focus on quality. This is because the work they will do for you will determine the accuracy of your accounting reports later on. Therefore, the proficiency of your best accountants has to be extremely high. The accountant should document every exchange whether it is about gross sales, expenditures, bank account deposits or withdrawals or improved personal loans. Likewise, your chosen accountant should document every exchange inside the correct accounting journal. There shouldn’t be any room for experimenting. Also, you must save every receipt/invoice that specifies every business transaction that has taken place in your offline business. This method helps you make it easier for your accountant to understand your business. They will not be able[…]

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