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Ability proceeds from a fusion of skills, knowledge, understanding and imagination, consolidated by experience.


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Birch are an independent training and development consultancy. We provide customer service as well as leadership and management training courses for businesses. We are based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, and enable businesses to improve their business performance by increasing the motivation, skills and the professional development of their staff members.

All of our consultancy, training and employee engagement strategies are based on the latest research provided by the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) and Engage for Success.

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How To Improve Your Interview Skills To Get That Job

When it comes to getting a getting hired for that job that you want then, it does not matter if your job is in a million dollar national company or you are going to be working for a little, local business, the basic rules still apply. Whether you get the job or not is fully determined by how confident and well prepared you come across to the interviewer.

Pre Interview Preparation

Obviously before you can get any interviews you need to contact some companies who are offering jobs in the role that you want to go into. Your CV should be direct and to the point and always highlight the skills you have that are requested on the job outline.  Don’t expect to send your CV off to 20 companies and get 20 interviews, it might happen but it won’t always. Some companies will reply and letting you know they are not […]

The Recruitment and Selection Process

Recruitment and selection is one of the most basic processes in the Human Recourse function choosing the right candidate and converting them to fill the position of an employee from the status of a candidate is an art in itself. All the HR personnel all over the word have to undergo this function within their job profile and functions. This function may be made easy provided all the steps are followed as per process and also with a combination of some common sense.

Let’s gain clarity on the process by a step-by-step study.

Finding Resume.

Resume could be searched and found through different methods. The methods could be:
1. Job Portals:-  Monster, Times Job s etc.
2. Recruitment Consultant:- Independent recruitment consultant who works on nominal fee.
3. Word of Month:- It could be referrals, friends, colleagues, etc.
4. Newspapers Advertisements:- Advertisement in newspapers which comes under the classified column.

The above are just the preliminary facts about […]

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