Google Analytics – How Does Your Site Measure Up?

Like many website owners, I was not a big fan, nor did I understand the analytics when I first started my online journey. However, I have discovered that Google analytics is a very powerful tool that can really help with your online success. As over 80% of online searches are done using Google then it stands to reason that the best place to get the metrics for your website from is going to be Google. You will find a number of other tools which if you add some code to your website they will be able to measure some data for you, but Google can measure a lot more, plus they can measure the whole journey that the user took to get to your site, which the other tools can not. Features of Google Analytics The first feature of Google analytics you see is the Dashboard. This shows you the overall performance of your website. There are three important pieces of information that I use to instantly see how my site is performing, the number of Unique Visitors, and Avg. Visit Duration and the Bounce Rate. The first number tells you how many first-time visitors are coming to your site,[…]

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