How to Measure Recruitment Efficiency

The HR department has the task to recruit new employees. For some, this is a very easy thing to do. However, such job is not as easy as it seems since there are guidelines and rules that should be followed in order for the hiring to be a success. There is a need to measure recruitment effectiveness so that an organisation will be able to track and become aware of how the HR department is performing. If they have chosen the right people for the job, the human resources department will be able to help an organisation achieve its goals due to the fact that they have hired employees who are really efficient and industrious.

So how do you measure recruitment?

Of course, you would like to know all about the recruitment efficiency and this can be done by simply measuring the said process. If this is your goal, the best solution is to define the right metrics so that you will be able to assess the changes that have been made in your company. The HR department should always seek for new ways on how they can climb up the corporate ladder and as we can see now, the pressure to become even more valuable becomes very intense.

Just like the other activities wherein you have used metric, you will observe that they are the best tools that you can utilize so that you will have the clearest evidence of the result of the recruitment efficiency. Not only that, you can also measure the value of the process, which has become increasingly important since the whole staffing field is being scrutinized. By setting up the proper metrics that you will be using to measure recruitment, you will be able to fix and manage a lot of things. These include the need to recruit the right people for the company, which is the main determinant for an organization to become successful. Aside from that, the expenses, the time consumed, the labor and the difficulty of the recruitment process will also be dealt with through the metrics.

Before you set up the metrics, you should first know about here you start from. Do have the right details that will lead you into the position where you want to be led to as well as the other facts on the costs, the supply chain and the people. Make sure that you benchmark these comments against your rivals and also guarantee that you have gotten the inputs from your staff and the suppliers. In general, there are four metrics for recruitment efficiency that have been used for more than ten years now. These are the cost per hire, the speed of the process or the cycle speed, the satisfaction of the customers and the quality of the procedure. From these four, the last one is the most important because there is a need to make sure that the hiring of the new employees is done carefully and meticulously. The metrics that you want to use to measure the efficiency of the recruitment process should also have a scoring mechanism and a benchmarking system.