The Recruitment and Selection Process

Recruitment and selection is one of the most basic processes in the Human Recourse function choosing the right candidate and converting them to fill the position of an employee from the status of a candidate is an art in itself. All the HR personnel all over the word have to undergo this function within their job profile and functions. This function may be made easy provided all the steps are followed as per process and also with a combination of some common sense.

Let’s gain clarity on the process by a step-by-step study.

Finding Resume.

Resume could be searched and found through different methods. The methods could be:
1. Job Portals:-  Monster, Times Job s etc.
2. Recruitment Consultant:- Independent recruitment consultant who works on nominal fee.
3. Word of Month:- It could be referrals, friends, colleagues, etc.
4. Newspapers Advertisements:- Advertisement in newspapers which comes under the classified column.

The above are just the preliminary facts about recruitment. It is a vast and wide process that has immense scope to change the value and culture of the organisation. Employees collectively create a work environment that may be good, bad or manageable depending upon individual perceptions. Once you have some potential new team members how do you know that they will benefit the business?

The Use Of KPI For Recruitment

Recruitment plays a crucial role in the success of a business. Hiring the right people for the jobs available in the company is an effective way to increase profitability. For this reason, businesses take recruitment as a serious concern. In fact, there are companies who hire services of other firms to do the recruitment for them. Here, they draft KPI for recruitment as basis for their standards.

KPI or Key Performance Indicators are specific measures set by either an organization or company to assess the performance of a certain area of the business. Thus, if manpower of the company is the one being looked at, then recruitment KPIs are used. KPIs are important since they are the factors that can qualify whether a specific area of the business is functioning well or not. Business owners also use KPIs as basis for implementing changes.

Another area of the recruitment that should be given due importance is training. The job of the recruitment staff does not end in hiring the employees. They likewise have to ensure that the people they hired will continuously be productive and effective. It is a fact that everyone needs training, even those highly qualified individuals. This is because technology and trends change. Employees therefore are expected to upgrade their skills in accordance with the latest development of the industry, which the company belongs to.

In conclusion, any area of human resource of a company should make use of KPI for recruitment. This is because success lies in quality produce, and such can only be obtained with effective manpower.